The Funniest Selfies of 2014

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With 2014 near its end, we gathered some of the funniest selfies we could find. Ofcourse, we were bias to the first one, being in Egypt.


  1. The infamous laughing Camel selfie from Egypt was the funniest.


Camel Selfie

2. President Obama and his VP Biden, from Instagram account @VP. Talk about VIP accounts.


Found a friend to join my first selfie on Instagram. Thanks for following and stay tuned. –VP


3. The German Team victory kiss after they won the World Cup



4. Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom photobombing a selfie!




5. The Warren Buffet and Paul McCartney sneaky selfie! That boy was really lucky.


Chillin with my homies


6. The Muppets Show join Instagram. Welcome Kermit the frog.


Hi-ho, Instagram gang!

7. Last but not least, the most shared Selfie of all time, the Oscar selfie. All Hollywood stars gathered in to one selfie with mobile phone selling in millions!