Somethings in Life Can’t be Digitized!

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It’s no secret that we – at PIANZA – love everything digital…

We also realise that digital can’t replace everything in life.


Digital can’t replace a good game of soccer, it can’t replace a sunny day by the beach, or some good old-fashioned fun in the playground. It can’t replace a simple face-to-face conversation, or some genuine laughter; one that comes from the heart, without the vail of the all-too-familiar ‘LOL’.


We can’t deny the benefits, and the added-value by which digital  has revolutionized, and enriched our lives; but we don’t wanna loose the simpler aspects of our lives; the things that are an irreplaceable component of the human experience…and which make humans – well, human.


Check out these photos, and you’ll get what we mean…