Your Smart Phone now is the key to EVERYTHING in your LIFE

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 So with Smart Phones now entering a new phase. All the new ones come with a relatively new technology called NFC (Near field communication). Corporations have started upgrade their apps to use the technology. With the start of Apple Pay, this shift is gaining momentum to mobile payments and mobile access and etc..


Here are some examples of the implementation of mobile and their activations:


1. Apple Pay:
The latest in Business, is now availbale only in the USA. You can now use your iPhone (soon iPad) to pay for groceries and for rides (Uber too started using Apple Pay).




 The technology adds your major credit cards and loyalty cards so you do not have to actually carry a wallet. The sweet option is that it uses finger print verification so even if you can not remember your password, there is an alternative.  Above is how it looks like. Below is the video of a demo of how Apple Pay works


 2. Transportation:
 So Uber, the leading car pooling (sharing) platform updated their app and integrated instant payments with Apple Pay.




3. Hotel Room Key:
 SPG, the leading hotels chain that incudes the Sheraton hotels, started using smart phones as keys to enter your room. Now you can skip line and self check-in to your room instantly. Already their app is updated and you can use it from now.




The Video shows how SPG app checking-in and using the room key. The activation video is awesome, especially for all you out there digital marketers. Check the video below.


4. Car key:
Hyundai outfitted its i30 compact hatch (aka the Elantra elsewhere) with NFC technology in its “Connectivity Concept” recently shown at its European headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.




5. Home Key:
Some app developers started developing keys to access your house from your mobile app. This is especially helpful in a household with many inhabitants as in the dorms or corporate offices. Check one of the solutions as Kevo!



In conclusion, your mobile now is your car key , home key , credit card , wallet , instant payment , the key to everything!!