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So What is PIANZA offering you?

Your website is important to relay your message and sell your brand; as well as to build, and maintain your digital persona, and reputation.

We know that a company’s website is one of its most valuable assets; and that’s why at PIANZA we treat it as such. We also believe that the digital world is extremely dynamic, and that today’s websites are radically different from yesterday’s. We approach web design as the “Oldest digital tool. Re-invented.”.

Consequently, we take these TEN important points into consideration when we’re implementing your website…

1.Responsive layout:

It’s the year 2014, 50% of web traffic is through Mobile. Your clients will need to check your website, products , contact info and blog posts from their phones. The website should be mobile-ready. The responsive layouts automatically adjust according to the browser and device. If your viewing from a mobile or tablet, it will readjust the content and resize the images to fit the screen. So you only upload your content ONCE and the website does the rest. HASSLE-FREE!

2.Flat Icons & Images:

The World is a complicated place, so the trend in technology is going SIMPLE or MINIMALISTIC design where everything is FLAT, LARGE and EASY! The choice of icons and buttons blends within the web design in a mosaic of colors matching your Brand image.


Now every business has its social media outlets and they should be integrated within your website. Embedding your social media posts within your website and vice versa takes seconds and also boosts your SEO.

4.Retina Ready:

Most screens now including mobile phones have Retina display so the images should be High Resolution. It gives the client a unique experience of professionalism and class.

5.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ever tried googling your name or your business? Did you find it on the first page or 5 pages after? Now this is where SEO comes in place. Google and other search engines index your website (YES, even if you didn’t know about it) and arrange your name according to an algorithm that only the search engine designs. So if you’re in the real estate business or own a dessert shop and wanna show up first in the results, either you place a paid Ad (ofcourse, we’ll do it for you) OR have your website SEO-ready.

6.Customized to the Brand

So you have a Brand to keep, we tailor the website design to your need. Do you own a fancy fashionable brand or want to sell stuff online? We’ve got it all. We only do elegant NOT less!


Loading time if of the essence. Loading times more than 5 seconds will drive half your clients away. Life is short, no one will wait for the page to load!

8.HTML5 code

Wanna talk technical? All websites powered by HTML5 coding. So embedding, updating,modifying and uploading content can not be easier.


So you know Zilch about websites or the internet or don’t have enough capital to hire a webmaster. So we’ll teach you how to upload,modify, embed , integrate everything! Our customer support is available round the clock (ofcourse we can handle everything but it really depends on your budget, doesn’t it?).

10.Emails packages and Newsletters

Your website domains (if we get it for you) comes with 100s of emails for your employees. Want a weekly newsletter to promote your business, you got it! We can create content for your newsletter or train you to do your own.


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