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First drone circus is to be held in the Netherlands

February 16, 2015 by in category Tech

The world’s first drone circus is to be held in the Netherlands, where aerial robots equipped with lasers and projectors will spin in dizzying dances across the Amsterdam Arena.

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Driverless vehicles given green light

February 11, 2015 by in category News, Tech

Driverless vehicles are given green light to start testing on Britain’s highways
Britons can from next summer season be accompanied on highways by driverless vehicles, following government approval to actually go-ahead for driverless autos.

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Valentine’s Gift

February 9, 2015 by in category Featured, Lifestyle

Looking for a unique Valentine’s Gift for your loved one
We offer custom-made websites to show your Love
Let the World see your Love.

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Somethings in Life Can’t be Digitized!

February 1, 2015 by in category Lifestyle

We can’t deny the benefits, and the added-value by which digital has revolutionized, and enriched our lives; but we don’t wanna loose the simpler aspects of our lives; the things that are an irreplaceable component of the human experience…and which make humans – well, human.

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What is SEO about?

January 24, 2015 by in category Tech, Web Design

There are many strategies by SEO experts to generate traffic and leads to your website. The aim is to save the clients’ money and bringing them more customers, thus increasing the ROI. More details about SEO can be discussed with PIANZA team. Just ask for the SEO package.

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PIANZA Website Options in 2015

January 18, 2015 by in category Tech, Web Design

Our Websites in 2015 will feature more options. Here is the updated list: Brand customization, Social media integration, Blog articles, Newsletter, Search Engine Optimization, Showcase gallery, Forums, E-commerce, Security

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Old Movies by Marvel Superheroes

January 4, 2015 by in category Lifestyle

We came upon a mashup of Marvel Superheroes movies mashed up into known Movie titles.
The Artwork is very creative and luring that we had to post them.
Check them out, each Marvel character with their counter movie.
We added a link to every movie in case you wanna check them out.
Have a lovely movie night.

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Awesome videos by Drones from round the World!

December 9, 2014 by in category Lifestyle


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Apple is Supporting AIDS (RED)

November 29, 2014 by in category Featured, News, Tech

Apple App store and AIDS foundation have teamed up to help cure the disease.
During this week 28-11 to 7-12, many Apps are donating all their proceedings (and the App store of-course) to help cure AIDS.

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